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University of Primorska

Dejan Križaj


Portoroz, Slovenia

My research is on R&D as well as promotion and measurement of tourism innovation. Since 2006 I chair the Slovenian National Tourism Innovation Awards Commission on behalf of Slovene Tourism Organization and Ministry of Economic Development and Technology.

Washington State University

Florian Zach


Vancouver, WA, USA

My research interests are on innovation and stakeholder management focusing on the important of collaboration among tourism actors to foster and disseminate innovation to create sustainable and competitive businesses and destinations.

University of Iceland

Gunnar Þór Jóhannesson

Founding member

Reykjavík, Iceland

I study innovation and entrepreneurship through a relational approach and describe how innovation is accomplished through actor-networks of humans and non-humans.

University of Alicante

Juan Luis Niolau

Founding member

Alicante, Spain

My research on tourism innovation analyzes the effect of innovation on the market value of firms, that innovation being of any of the standard types or being it in the form of awards.

University of St. Gallen

Stephan Reinhold

Founding member

St. Gallen, Switzerland

I investigate how supply-sided tourism actors can benefit from and address change by means of business model innovation, organizational transformation, and new mental models. In addition, I study how actors in networked co-production deal with pluralistic logics and divergent success definitions.

Aalborg University

Carina Ren

Founding member

Copenhagen, Denmark

I explore how tourism affects society, for instance through cross-sectorial innovation and other organisational set-ups and relations. My focus is how alternative ways of collaboration and co-creating tourism adds new value to tourism.

San Diego State University

Vinod Sasidharan

Founding member

San Diego, USA

My research interests align with tourism innovation in the area of evaluating sustainability performance indicators for implementing tourism initiatives within the context of destination development goals.

University of Surrey

Iis Tussyadiah

Founding member

Guildford, United Kingdom

I investigate the role of information technology in the processes of innovation and the diffusion of innovative products and services in tourism. I am interested in understanding how to integrate consumers in new product/service development and experience design.

Virginia Tech

Zheng Phil Xiang

Founding member

Blacksburg, VA, USA

I write about how information technology is changing travel behavior and how the industry responds to it. IT is the driver (or catalyst) of innovation, particularly in terms of how we connect with consumers and offer meaningful experiences.

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