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I am currently finishing my studies in the field of tourism enterprise management. Throughout my studies, I have attended two student exchanges, in The Netherlands and in Austria, which I believe broadens your mind and opens up loads of possibilities. I am interested in conference and events management, increasing awareness of the importance of locals and heritage in the tourism industry, as well as innovative ideas in the tourism sector and the opportunities that arise in them.

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15.01.2018 Tourism for tomorrow awards (T4T) Energy 3211  
15.01.2018 German Tourism Prize (Deutscher Tourismuspreis) Energy 3262  
15.01.2018 Digital innovation Asia awards Energy 4518  
14.01.2018 Travolution awards Energy 3344  
14.01.2018 Launch awards Energy 3297  
14.01.2018 Irish Tourism Industry Awards Energy 3064  
14.01.2018 Best of wine tourism awards Energy 3192  


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