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07.08.2019 Connected-community hotel Encyclopedia 478  
26.07.2019 Ice hotel Encyclopedia 513  
16.07.2019 Fair(er) home sharing Encyclopedia 601  
16.07.2019 Video-based trip planner Encyclopedia 1000  
16.07.2019 Indoor ski resort and snow park Encyclopedia 643  
19.03.2019 Lean Startup's role in corporate open innovation (video) Encyclopedia 1512  
18.03.2019 Regional revitalization through contemporary art Encyclopedia 1790  
11.03.2019 Shower device nudging hotel guests to save water Encyclopedia 1761  
15.12.2018 Table of disruptive technologies & innovation (in tourism) Encyclopedia 3541  
11.08.2018 Building a team of innovative problem-solvers Encyclopedia 3775  
30.07.2018 Slovenia - AIRTH Encyclopedia business cases Encyclopedia 503  
13.07.2018 Management of common risks in tourism innovation Encyclopedia 3261  
16.06.2018 The process of innovation Encyclopedia 7605  
12.06.2018 Learning from innovation failure in tourism Encyclopedia 3708  
06.06.2018 Forest tourism’s need for innovation-friendly legislation Encyclopedia 4836  
19.04.2018 The Lean Startup method Encyclopedia 3904  
19.04.2018 Why do we need prototypes in tourism? Encyclopedia 4475  
19.04.2018 Designing artificial intelligence (and everything else) Encyclopedia 4756  
16.04.2018 Bringing Automation to Specialty Coffee Encyclopedia 3404  
16.04.2018 Holistic revitalization of rural towns Encyclopedia 3986  


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