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15.11.2019 Airbnb, innovation adoption and the market value of lodging firms News 116  
07.10.2019 Leisure Sickness An underestimated problem of the working population? Encyclopedia 244  
26.09.2019 Establishing Destination Management Organizations (DMOs) in Azerbaijan, Cameroon and Iran Encyclopedia 249  
07.10.2019 An examination of the role of place-making in tourism as a driver of innovation Encyclopedia 252  
26.09.2019 Moustache Tour Encyclopedia 263  
27.09.2019 Revenue Management mobile application Encyclopedia 268  
27.09.2019 Analyzing the distribution shape of tourists' evaluation of tourist attractions Encyclopedia 273  
26.09.2019 Developing tourist products - Linking creativity and research Encyclopedia 281  
27.09.2019 Virtual Reality in tourism – Is it real enough? Encyclopedia 283  
26.09.2019 Istrian Breakfast - A local bite Encyclopedia 287  
24.09.2019 Where to go when there is no snow? Ski tourists’ preferences for a holiday destination Encyclopedia 294  
26.09.2019 Innovative practices in sustainable tourism - Lake Bled, Slovenia Encyclopedia 302  
27.09.2019 Exploring the innovative, knowledge-based use of daily deals distribution channels by hotel managers Encyclopedia 303  
26.09.2019 Impact Tourism and WITH - World Impact Tourism Habitat Encyclopedia 303  
26.09.2019 Effect of scientific excellence and business experience on academic entrepreneurship in tourism Encyclopedia 323  
24.09.2019 Developing sustainable tourism products for Mediterranean hinterland areas Encyclopedia 325  
27.09.2019 Innovation potentials in service ecosystem dynamics of art festivals: Towards social contact typology Encyclopedia 331  
08.10.2019 AIRTH 2019 "Innovation in Motion" Conference in Innsbruck News 388  
24.09.2019 Selected AIRTH 2019 conference presentations Encyclopedia 515  
27.08.2019 AIRTH updates - August 2019 News 874  


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