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09.10.2017 From Bank of Tourism Potentials to AIRTH. What's next? Energy 1742  
10.10.2017 First tourist national hackathon in Slovenia Energy 1508  
11.10.2017 Snovalec award (Slovenia) Energy 1792  
12.10.2017 Event that brought AIRTH to life in 2017 News 2231  
12.10.2017 The UNWTO Awards for Excellence and Innovation (World) Energy 1379  
13.10.2017 Sejalec award (Slovenia) Energy 1942  
16.10.2017 Generators of revenue management IDEAS wanted Energy 1824  
21.10.2017 New AIRTHers' publication on foundations for innovation and change of outdated business practices News 2143  
24.10.2017 Global Music Village Idea 1563  
24.10.2017 In the making. Energy 1710  
12.11.2017 Best 2017 innovations: First beer fountain and largest karst exhibition in the world Idea 2356  
19.11.2017 Students as bridge-builders, scouts and "idiots" in new AIRTHers' publication News 2790  
27.11.2017 AIRTH Transfers #3: Japan and Slovenia News 2814  
07.01.2018 Wine scanner Energy 1490  
26.01.2018 AIRTH track at ATLAS 2018 Copenhagen News 2260  
28.01.2018 Simple Luxuries Idea 1693  
01.02.2018 Iis Tussyadiah hits ENTER! News 2523  
01.02.2018 Istrian Golden Idea 1298  
09.02.2018 FIFA world cup, innovations on the stock market, virtual realities - all covered! News 2313  
10.02.2018 AIRTHplorers are among us! News 1156  


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