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Razpis: In the making.

This is an example of my forest tourism related idea (see links in Related section) which can serve as an invitation to collaboratively develop forest tourism products worldwide and as an example of the forest tourism possibilities.

WonderWood offers an augmented reality of the local micro-location of the forest with the help of advanced technology and recording equipment, and cooperation among architects, visual artists, and tourism industry. How to get to know the unknown, observe the special and unusual, how to make the invisible world around us visible – in nature. What is really real?

The idea of WonderWood is an insight into the environment in real time and to switch from one reality to another:  the user can observe the forest as a bee, wolf, bear ... Thus, the observation of the forest is different each time although the user may even sit at the same spot. In addition, different seasons may offer different contents – invisible to the eyes, such as observation of spores during the propagation of mushrooms in autumn. This allows for unique experiences during the whole year and not only in high tourist season. 

For those interested in the development of such a complex and interdisciplinary project, I have prepared more detailed description, which I will share upon request.

How to carry out such a product. Source:
Augment reality - Marshmallow Laser Feast's 'In the Eyes of the Animal' virtual reality headset. Source:


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