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The evaluation of innovation

Dejan Križaj, AIRTH and University of Primorska, Faculty of Tourism Studies - Turistica 


Križaj, D. (2020). The evaluation of innovation. In AIRTH Encyclopedia of Innovation in Tourism and Hospitality. Retrieved: <insert-date>, from http://www.airth.global

In the role of the head of the expert commission for national tourism innovation awards Sejalec and Snovalec from 2006 onward, I collected and categorized the standard FAQs on which the authors of the evaluated ideas and products are usually interviewed. The estimated weights are added based on my opinion of how important each question is to the jury members.
This list is accompanied by already available links to other parts of the AIRTH Encyclopedia addressing these questions. Expect more links to be added as the Encyclopedia grows further :)
In the attached table you can see how the listed FAQs/attributes are matched with the PEOPLE / DESIGN / EXECUTION excellence categories.


Newness rate - global: How new is the idea on a global level?
Newness rate - national: How new is the idea on a national level?
Professional compliance: Is it done the way top experts (in the field) would do it?
Experiential design: Is the experience designed as smooth and engaging as possible?
Visual design: Is the idea/product presented according to the latest design guidelines?
Cultural design: Is the idea/product designed with local tangible & intangible, past & current, cultural aspects and their preservation in mind?


Your acquaintance: How experienced are you?
Your dedication: How committed are you?


Sustainability compliance: Is sustainability covered from all angles?
Safety & security compliance: Is safety/security covered from all angles?
Internal management: How does the team/company function internally?
External management: How does the team/company function externally?
Ext. & Internal co-workers selection: Are all the co-workers top notch?
Financial sustainability / performance: Is the idea/product financially viable/sustainable?
Advertising (activities): Are the advertising activities well thought and effective?
Advertising (formulation and design): Is the use of marketing language and design appropriate and effective?
Sales processes and channels: Is the idea/product distributed and sold efficiently?
Regulatory compliance: Do the idea/product and undelying procedures follow all regulations?
15 years of Sejalec - jury FAQs Sejalec / Snovalec - Križaj




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