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A new intern joins AIRTH!

This year, the AIRTH community welcomes a new intern, Ivana Dimitrijević. She graduated with a BS degree in Social Anthropology and Ethnology from Belgrade University, and then enrolled for European Master in Tourism Management, which is why she came to Ljubljana and met her colleague and also AIRTH intern, Dominic Gialdini
As our intern, Ivana will contribute by writing for AIRTH Encyclopedia, publishing and engaging the public on social media, sharing about AIRTH news, helping create content for the media, and creating a database of innovation awards throughout the world, with the intent to gather enough material on the topic which could further be analyzed in the future in order to develop frameworks for those destinations interested in implementing such awards.
Our former intern Dominic worked on the encyclopedia of innovation, collaborated on the project TourismFromZero, and was compiling innovation award information. He is currently finishing a thesis named: An Inward Journey through the Valle d'Aosta: Stakeholders':Perspectives on Sustainability and Resilience along the Via Francigena Pilgrimage Route.


AIRTH intern Ivana Dimitrijević



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