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 Preddvor 2020

The Sound Postcard of Preddvor

When out and about in Nature, we mostly perceive the world around us with our eyes. What about sound? Have you ever really listened to the sounds of birds, bees, flies, wind, the sawing of timber in the distance, the mowing of grass, the sounds of church bells or the sound of oars splashing against the surface of a lake? Or maybe the sounds of footsteps and chatter? Participation with the Sound Postcard of Preddvor is an excellent opportunity for a unique experience of nature and its sounds.

Your sound adventure will be accompanied by Boštjan Perovšek, a composer, musician and sound space designer. Equipped with perked ears, you will experience the beat of your environment in an entirely different manner. You be perched like a hunter, following, waiting and recording sounds that will always remind you of Preddvor.

The experience itself is not overbearing and is suitable for anyone who wishes to have a slightly different walking experience – a sound walk. We especially recommend it to all those whose ears are too frequently overwhelmed with the sound pollution of the modern world. Upon completion of the walk, you will receive a link to the Sound Postcard of Preddvor, whose sounds will re-awaken the memories of an unforgettable and unique experience in the heart of Preddvor’s natural world for you.

Zvočna razglednica Preddvora
ZT Preddvor
ZT Preddvor
ZT Preddvor
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