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Moustache Tour

Neža SEMIČ, Tourism Development Sector, Ljubljana Tourism, neza.semic@visitljubljana.si



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Moustache tour is by no means a classic city tour. It's a tour on bikes that leads its visitors to discover the mysteries of Ljubljana through the lives of three great artists, who all left a lasting mark on the city; the architect Jože Plečnik, the painter Rihard Jakopič and the writer Ivan Cankar. All three of them were daring in their creative visions, each in his own way and all of them wore a moustache. A bike tour leads visitors through the most beautiful streets, parks and even the hills of Ljubljana and tells us a story about those three visionaries and artistic giants. Each of them left their mark on Ljubljana and Slovenia. Slovenians are proud of them and are always glad to present them to the world.

The tour offers to explore their creative power, the secrets of the city and the features of the Slovenian character. Moustache tour also conjures up an authentic retro atmosphere with visits to a barber shop, the visionary room of the Architect, the favourite bar of the Writer and the National Gallery of the Painter. Throughout the tour, the moustachioed giants leave three unexpected clues.

The Moustache Tour is the only experiential tour in Slovenia that reveals in an interactive way the creative power and secrets of the city, and the special features of the Slovenian character. This is an important tour for Ljubljana, as it pursues many of the city’s main goals - attracts tourists and at the same time takes them outside of the city centre and helps direct various tourism flows.

In 2018 the December edition of easyJet Traveler in-flight magazine has proclaimed Moustache Tour as the best cycling tour in Europe among the 12 best alternative travel highlights in 2018 (#easyjetbestof).

In January 2019 Moustache tour was awarded as Slovenia Unique Experience, released by Slovenia Tourist Board - 5* experiences.


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