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 Selected AIRTH 2019 conference presentations

AIRTH 2019 – Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Success

Innsbruck, Austria, 12 – 14 September 2019
AIRTH Innsbruck 2019 conference sessions and selected presentations, the authors of which agreed to their publication:

Tourism and Innovation Research

Where to go when there is no snow? Ski tourists’ preferences for a holiday destination - Robert STEIGER, Eva POSCH, Gottfried TAPPEINER, and Janette WALDE

Leisure Sickness An underestimated problem of the working population? - Claudia STRASSBURGER, Claudia MOELLER, Mike PETERS, Wolfgang SCHOBERSBERGER, and Cornelia BLANK

Sustainable Tourism and Entrepreneurship

Developing sustainable tourism products for Mediterranean hinterland areas - Konstantinos ZAPOUNIDIS, Alexis SANCHO REINOSO, Parthena PARTZALIDOU, and Ramon SERRAT MULA       

Impact Tourism and WITH - World Impact Tourism Habitat - Primož ŠPORAR and Zef BERISAJ 

Istrian Breakfast – A local bite - Mateja HRVATIN KOZLOVIC       

Moustache Tour - Neža SEMIČ  

Innovative practices in sustainable tourism - Lake Bled, Slovenia - Maja PANČUR

Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

Effect of scientific excellence and business experience on academic entrepreneurship in tourism - Marcin OLSZEWSKI, Marlena A. BEDNARSKA and Piotr ZMYŚLONY

Developing tourist products - Linking creativity and research - Katarina KOŠMRLJ MUHA  

Establishing Destination Management Organizations (DMOs) in Azerbaijan, Cameroon and Iran - O. Cenk DEMIROGLU and Dieter K. MÜLLER    

Product Development, Leadership and Sales

Innovation potentials in service ecosystem dynamics of art festivals: Towards social contact typology - Kotaro NAKAMURA, Hideyuki SAKAMOTO and Dejan KRIZAJ

A design method of sustainable innovation for maintenance of traditional landscape - Sadayo HIRATA, Haruyuki FUJII and Kenichi SHINOZAKI

Exploring the innovative, knowledge-based use of daily deals distribution channel by hotel managers - Miha BRATEC and Katarzyna Barbara MINOR

Product Development

An examination of the role of place-making in tourism as a driver of innovation - Ziene MOTTIAR and Theresa RYAN

Revenue management mobile application  - Mladen MITROVIĆ, Dejan KRIZAJ and Gordana IVANKOVIČ

Virtual Reality in tourism – Is it real enough? - Lars BREHM, Andreas HUMPE and Marion RAUSCHER

Analyzing the distribution shape of tourists’ evaluation of tourism attractions - Hisashi MASUDA



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