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Marriage, prekmursko gostuvanje

The wealth of Slovenian country diversity, ethnological specialties, customs and conventions, cultural and culinary specialties, musical and dance specialties, varies and diversity of excellent Slovenian vines must become a recognizable tourist product with great additional value.
In the past all these Slovenian specialties in countries were most prestigiously reflected by marriage, feast, in Prekmurje PREKMURSKO GOSTÜVANJE.
Prekmursko gostüvanje is an independent tourist product which we offer with all listed specialties to our guests which become, with skillful animations of our organizer, characters of gostüvanje -pozvačin, elderly, bride, groom, become characters from accompanying images of gostüvanje-bull for the bride, gypsy, photographer. Animation group can perform it in restaurants or anywhere else in tourist centers which accept the protocol of gostüvanje, take into account preparation of food after old recipes of Prekmurje.
The project is a challenge for all Slovenian countries in its own surroundings to do the same, and Slovenia will become after its rich ethnographical, culinary and other diversities a country of countless tastes offered in creative ways.





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