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Table of disruptive technologies & innovation (in tourism)

Richard Watson, an author, lecturer, and futurist, has developed a table consisting of 100 potentially disruptive technologies, capable of significant social, economic or political change.
The vertical axis in Richard's insightful "periodic table" estimates disruption potential from high to low. The horizontal axis is ranking them from sooner to later. 
While you can find the original here, in the table below you can see all 100 technologies arranged in 4 counter-clockwise timeframe cells (1-4). In each cell, technologies are further grouped in time sub-lists. Technologies in every sub-list (very soon, soon, ...) are sorted from less to more disruptive ones - according to Richard's assumptions.
In our AIRTH addition, technologies that deserve special attention in tourism are bolded, and XYZ letters are added. The letters represent the major tourism innovation coordinate system axes (for more info see this paper [28]):
  • X - product/customer/front-office perspective
  • Y - process/business/back-office perspective, and
  • Z - marketing/business-to-customer (B2C) perspective.
## 1. Happening now ##
Smart nappies
Cryptocurrencies (Y)
Robotic care companions (XY)
Distributed ledgers (Y)
>> SOON <<
Deep ocean wind farms
Concentrated solar power
Smart controls and appliances (XY)
Precision agriculture (Y)
Vertical agriculture (Y)
Predictive policing (Y)
Cultured meat (XY)
Autonomous vehicles (XY)
>> LATER <<
Wireless energy transfer (XY)
Micro-scale ambient energy harvesting (Y)
Delivery robots & passenger drones (XY)
Intention decoding algorithms (XYZ)
## 4. Fringe science & technology ##
Defined as highly improbable, 
but not actually impossible. 
Digital footprint eraser (XY)
Personal digital shields (XY)
Human head transplants
Human cloning & de-extinction
Distributed autonomous corporations (Y)
Space solar power (Y)
Space elevators (XY)
Fully immersive virtual reality (XYZ)
Artificial consciousness
Asteroid mining
Force fields
Beam-powered proposing
Zero-point energy
Self-reconfiguring modular robots
Space-shifting matter
Whole Earth virtualization
Reactionless drive
We can't talk about this one
## 2. Near future (10-20 years) ##
>> SOONER 10-20 <<
Medical tricorders
Smart flooring & carpets (XY)
Mega-scale desalination
Self-writing software (Y)
Predictive gene-based health care (XY)
Automated knowledge discovery (XYZ)
>> A BIT LATER 10-20 <<
Diagnostic toilets (XY)
Smart energy grids (Y)
Public mood monitoring (XYZ)
Programmable bacteria
Autonomous robotic surgery
Emotionally aware machines (XYZ)
>> LATER 10-20 <<
Balloon-powered internet (XYZ)
Powered exoskeletons (XY)
Airborne wind turbines
Avatar companions (XYZ)
Autonomous ships & submarines (XY)
Resource gamification (Y)
Drone freight delivery (XYZ)
Autonomous passenger aircraft (XY)
Algal biofuels
Human-organ printing
Peer-to-peer energy trading & transmission (Y)
Lifelong personal avatar assistants (XYZ)
Humanoid sex robots (XYZ)
Human bio-hacking
>> MUCH LATER 10-20 <<
Computerized shoes & clothing (XYZ)
Metallic hydrogen energy storage
Water harvesting from air
3D-printing of food & farmaceuticals (XY)
Artificial human blood substitute
Smart dust (XYZ)
Internet of DNA (XYZ)
## 3. Distant future (20 years+) ##
>> SOONER 20+ <<
Planetary-scale spectroscopy
Implantable phones (XY)
e-tagging of humans (XYZ)
Conversational machine interfaces (XYZ)
Life-expectancy algorithms (XYZ)
Stratospheric aerosols
>> A BIT LATER 20+ <<
Male pregnancy & artificial wombs
DNA data storage (XY)
Genomic vaccines
Quantum safe cryptography (XY)
AI advisors & decision-making machines (XYZ)
AI board members & politicians (Y)
Invisibility shields (XY)
>> LATER 20+ <<
Vacuum-tube transport (XY)
Smart glasses & contact lenses (XY)
Broadcasting of electricity (Y)
Swarm robotics (Y)
New materials (Y)
Low-cost space travel (XY)
Thought control - machine interfaces (XYZ)
Cognitive prosthetics (X)
Factory photosynthesis
>> MUCH LATER 20+ <<
Scramjets (XY)
Pollution-eating buildings (Y)
Bio-plastics (Y)
4-dimensional materials (XYZ)
Fusion power (Y)
Planet colonialization (XY)
Dream reading & recording (X)
Data uploading to the brain (XYZ)
Transhuman technologies (XYZ)


TABLE built upon Richard Watson's Table of disruptive technologies & innovation.



Dejan Krizaj, University of Primorska


Krizaj, D. (2018). Table of disruptive technologies & innovation (in tourism). In AIRTH Encyclopedia of Innovation in Tourism and Hospitality. Retrieved: <insert-date>, from http://www.airth.global






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