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Baci goes Ruby (Chocolate news #3)

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Hi guys! I am Andraz Gavez, just a normal 27-year old guy who is really passionate about the chocolate industry and obviously loves good quality chocolate. Quality always over quantity, just to be sure. Some people also call me Slovenian Willy Wonka. I am the CEO of the fastest growing chocolate company in the Adriatic region - - a webshop that is like a niche, chocolate Amazon. For the average person, we are like a heaven on earth. Limitless supplies of chocolate :)

Over the summer, the season is low for us in the chocolate world, so we take advantage of the warm weather to find new products and possibilities in our market. We love chocolate and delicious cuisine, so we took the opportunity at the beginning of May to visit Cibus - the 19th international food exhibition, that takes place in Parma, Italy. If you are in the food business, then it is worth checking it out, if you aren’t however, the ticket price is probably too high for a simple visit. 
You probably know already that Italians have great taste when it comes to food, from pasta to prosciutto and of course what’s essential for us - chocolate. The exhibition itself was oddly divided into areas between different halls, so instead of finding chocolate only in one hall, it was positioned in three. It is for sure not an expo to see in a short period of time since you end up getting lost dozens of times. 
Italian chocolate market mostly consists of chocolate products in combination with hazelnuts. The hazelnuts of Piemont are their significant treasure, so they use it in many of their chocolate products in different ways of course, from bits to nougat creams. For someone who is a big nut fan like me, this is delicious news, and however, for the rest, it could be quite disappointing. 
In total the chocolate providers this time did not have much to offer regarding novelties, except a few of them, the biggest surprise was seeing Baci’s Ruby edition, which will be available at the end of the year and we are all impatiently waiting for it. You can read more about this new type of chocolate here
From the business perspective, I must say I am still disappointed regarding Italian communication. Although this was a big, global exposition, English level is low, which makes it harder to communicate about serious business matters. Overall, however, the exhibition was interesting and very tasty, and you can expect to see some results in our chocolate webshop soon.
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