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The Slovenia Restaurant Awards

Food and wine tourism has emerged as the fastest growing tourism sector in the world, as well as in Slovenia, which in recent years has transformed into an important and recognized green destination, packed with culinary experiences. Tourists appreciate Slovenia and happily return here, not only because of the amazing diversity and natural beauty of the county, but also because of the rich and sophisticated range of food and drinks on offer. Diverse and innovative dishes, quality ingredients, fine wines and friendly service are the virtues of Slovenian restaurants.

THE SLOVENIA RESTAURANT AWARDS is only national selection of best restaurants in Slovenia, with more levels- it is  proffesional, independend, intended for a wider audience, both domestic and 3.03 milion tourist, who visit our beautuful country every year. It is innovative, different, special. Opinion of experts in the field of cuisine, food and catering themselves, give us a  result, and this is the selection of the best restaurants in Slovenia. 

Our vision is for Slovenia to be an international foodie tourist destination; thus we aim to increase its international reputation, support long-term improvements in the quality of services and experiences at restaurants and develop a vibrant "foodie" culture among Slovenes.

This is why we have decided to prepare our own selection, inviting both experts and discerning members of the public to collaborate, so that together we can present all the best restaurants from across the country including top regional restaurants - simply, we share with foreign visitors and Slovenes the very best of Slovenian gastronomy.

Why should we wait for foreign experts to award the stars, if we can create them ourselves and expand the visibility and excellence of Slovenian cuisine!






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