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Digital trends in tourism and marketing

This post is a part of AIRTHplorers series written by passionate people out there, working on their products, projects, and innovations. We have invited them to share their pick of trends and novelties that might be a passion-match for you too! 

Jure KumljanjsHi! Jure Kumljanc here, with my passion being digital trends in tourism and marketing. People speak about the late 80s as the golden era for music and technology. Back then we didn’t have a clue what a smartphone is, nevertheless what Internet is. Today we can’t live without it. There’s even a thing called Digital Detox Holidays, a phenomenon which evolved in the last couple of years. Boy, oh boy, only 30 years later and this is what happens; I can’t even imagine how our world will look like in 2050 – can you?

You need to know something about the technology and me – we didn’t always get along. During my studies at the UP FTS Turistica, I spend one semester abroad in Birmingham, UK. I remember an autumn day as it was yesterday; a teacher gave me a choice: “You can either do an assignment about tour operators and the standardized procedures in tour packaging or you can write about e-commerce booking websites in travel, it’s up to you.” At that moment I was convinced that this ‘digital’ thing is just something currently ‘in’, but it will never have any influence on tour operators; hence my selection on the assignment. You can imagine my surprise a few years later. Even though I didn’t like ‘digital’ it was obviously something I have to do.

After elusive careers in LifeClass Hotels & Spa and Starwood Hotels & Resorts (today Marriott International), I pursued my own entrepreneurial rhythm and started working on a project-to-project basis as a freelancer and CEO of my own company. Amongst other things I also contribute to the Slovenian tourism area by hosting various workshops all around the country. I focus on Tourist Destinations, big and small, where I try to illustrate what the future holds for all of us working in Tourism and I don’t always get the feedback one would expect.

Stay tuned for my next AIRTHplorers post in which I’ll be talking about my experience with a recent Tourism & Digital workshop I hosted in Litija, Slovenia.




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