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Personalized chocolate products (Chocolate news #2)

This post is a part of AIRTHplorers series written by passionate people out there, working on their products, projects, and innovations. We have invited them to share their pick of trends and novelties that might be a passion-match for you too! 

Hi guys! I am Andraz Gavez, just a normal 27-year old guy who is really passionate about the chocolate industry and obviously loves good quality chocolate. Quality always over quantity, just to be sure. Some people also call me Slovenian Willy Wonka. I am the CEO of the fastest growing chocolate company in the Adriatic region - - a webshop that is like a niche, chocolate Amazon. For the average person, we are like a heaven on earth. Limitless supplies of chocolate :)

As the market is getting a bit crowdy with all the possible different chocolate products, we have been noticing that there are more and more inquiries for personalized chocolate products. Customers are striving to get exactly what they want: the shape, the toppings, the quotations, the whole package and we are trying our best to make those wishes come true. 
One of the trends lately has been the personalized 3D figures. All from dream cars to company’s logotypes, the possibilities are almost infinite and at the end, it all comes down to your budget of course. If you have ever thought of getting a personalized chocolate figure, be aware of all the costs that it involves. Even tho the prices of the molds are falling with the rising number of providers, it is still a pretty pricey item, definitely the most expensive part about a personalized chocolate figure, starting at approximately 200€. 
Luckily, we all know how fast the technology is progressing and of course with the technology evolving, so is the chocolate industry. Lately one of the novelties in the chocolate market has definitely been 3D printing. Unfortunately, at the moment it is still too slow and inaccurate for it to be used on a daily basis, but you never know how soon you will be able to get a chocolate figure of whatever you want in just a few minutes, possibly in your own home. If you guys want to check out how that looks like, check it out: 
Hopefully the future is bringing sweet chocolate novelties and technological inventions, that will sweep us off our feet like the Ruby chocolate in the past few months, but for now, that is about it.




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