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New AIRTHers' publication on foundations for business model innovation

Three AIRTH members (Stephan Reinhold, Florian Zach and Dejan Krizaj) have just published a new article in Tourism Review journal: "Business models in tourism: a review and research agenda".
With a focus on how actors create, capture, and disseminate value, business model research holds the promise to inform the tourism sector’s search for ways to innovate and renew outdated business practices. Yet, the concept has inspired little research tackling the contingencies of the tourism context. The paper addresses this gap in this review and research agenda on business models in tourism. 
Three domains are presented to show avenues for tourism-specific studies on business models as well as their management and innovation in relation to the general business model literature. The review details how researchers across disciplines conceptualize the business model. Together with the identified directions for further research, the article establishes a common conceptual basis and stock of knowledge for the study of business models in tourism research.
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