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 From Bank of Tourism Potentials to AIRTH. What's next?

Bank of Tourism Potentials in Slovenia (BTPS), the antecedent of the portal you are visiting, was established by Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) and its two partners Faculty of Tourism, University of Primorska (UP-FTS) and Tourism Directorate of the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology (MEDT-DT) in 2006. 
The origins of the BTPS could be traced back to 2004, when STB introduced the Sejalec call: national award for innovative solutions in Slovenian tourism. After three annual competitions - and following the initiative of UP-FTS and STB representatives - the three partners, STB, UP-FTS and MEDT-DT, established the BTPS. 
It was not a brick and mortar institution, but a joint project of the founders with the objective to help the actors in Slovenian tourism to develop more attractive innovations for the Sejalec call and to encourage creativity and innovation in general. Since 2006 BTPS platform enabled cooperation and interaction of diverse stakeholders (individuals, entrepreneurs, tourist boards, public institutions and companies). 
BTPS users/actors were able to deposit ideas for a project/service (idea deposit) and obtain energy contributed by other actors to implement innovation (energy deposit refers to financial/material resources, knowledge, funds for a business plan or its realization, favorable credit terms or mentorship). BTPS can be considered an organizational innovation enabled by the web platform that supported the direct interaction between the tourism innovation actors. 
Since its inception, a large number of deposits was published: 1,600 ideas, 600 energies and 1,200 news, analyses and studies. The functioning of BTPS was based on the activation of actors’ innovation capabilities via networking, knowledge sharing and co-creation. 
The first major upgrade occurred after BTPS was awarded by the World Tourism Organization in 2009, which encouraged the partners to introduce a new trigger. A Snovalec call was introduced as a BTPS energy deposit that rewards the most promising innovative ideas. So far, it has been carried out six times with 118,000 EUR assigned to 15 ideas by the STB and MEDT-DT. All BTPS related initiatives together supported the development of 31 ideas (selected among 353) into innovative tourist products. Apart from World Tourism Organization award in 2009, BTPS was acknowledged by EU commission (2009), National Innovation Forum (2010) and OECD (2012, 2014, 2017). Most recent of them is:
OECD (2017), “Financing approaches for tourism SMEs and entrepreneurs”, OECD Tourism Papers, 2017/03, OECD Publishing, Paris. 
Due to the kind support of Slovenia Tourist Board (STB) and the AIRTH team, this AIRTH portal is the next evolution step of once local, now global, tourism innovation platform. What are your suggestions on how should platforms like this evolve? What are your ideas that need help? Click on the apply button below and let us know how we can help


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